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Japanese style lingerie and Sizing

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Often, you may feel confused by looking at the sizes of different countries, so let us know more about it today!



The United States, Europe and Japan are the major manufacturers of lingerie, While European style are tends to be more elegant and with more lace, American style are known to be more exotic, and japanese style are more cute and have more styles in pastel colors. Knowing your size is essential for you to pick up a perfect bra, especially when you shop online.


Japanese bra sizes are the same as European sizes but cup sizes precedes band sizes, for example D80 instead of 80D. Cup sizes are determined by the difference of band sizes and bust sizes. Band size is mostly represented by inches or centimeters while the cup sizes increase by an inch a step or 2.5 cm a step.

Generally japanese size are much smaller than western size.  I am wearing 34DD in victoria secret and in japanese sizing I am wearing 36G.

WE hope to have larger size of japanese style lingerie in future <3



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