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Pretty Panties by Dr Kristy Swanson

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What do you feel when you unwrap a delicate piece of lingerie? Think about that question for a minute. Then shift your focus to the feelings you experience when you slip something lacy and beautiful onto your body?

A Mom's life is rarely glamorous. I think back to what it was like to have my 3rd newborn. Sleepless nights, a tiny baby body glued to yours while you live life in a seemingly endless cycle. Feeding, changing, napping, bathing, is a pattern that repeats over and over as hours turn into days and days seem no different from nights.

Personal care for Mommy takes a back seat during this chapter of infancy. Do stretchy Yoga pants go with pretty panties? The answer is "Yes, Yes they do." During those few months post-pregnancy when I owned two pairs of stretchy pants that fit, and there was never time to use a blow dryer or apply any make-up. I would be thankful every morning as I slipped on a pair of pretty panties knowing that no matter how dark the circles were under my eyes or how messy my hair looked or how many milk stains decorated my tee-shirts from both fresh and regurgitated sources I still wore something pretty under all of my Mommy Grime. I wear my Mommy badge proudly but I am also a woman, and I believe at least in some small way we should all go out into the world feeling good about ourselves. Our weight might not always be ideal; our skin might not always be clear, we may not be able to afford the wardrobe we envy but damn it, we can all afford to own a few pairs of pretty panties.

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